Easy tricks to keep pets away from plants

Easy tricks to keep Pets away from plants- Why is it important to keep pets away from plants?

First of all, to all pet owners and lovers out there, you shouldn’t have to face the situation where you have to choose between a bouquet of fresh flowers and your beloved pet dog at home. However, most of the time, pet owners may refrain from pampering yourself to a beautiful bouquet. This is because your pet may get a little curious about those pretty flowers and before you could do anything to stop it, the flowers have already been knocked to the floor. Either that, or out of curiosity, your pet may nibble on the flower petals. But we recommend you the easy tricks to keep pets away from plants. There are a tons of easy tricks to keep pets away from your plants though!

However, there is absolutely no need for plant lovers to avoid getting plants in their homes just because they have pets. You will be able to find some pet-friendly plants that won’t do any harm to your pets if they ended up tasting those petals. But there are also some techniques to help keep you puppies away from those plants.

Arrange Your Flowers Wisely

Anyone that has a turbulently active puppy should all know that it can sometimes get a little overexcited when they see their owners; most of the time, unintentionally. If you know you can’t keep your pets off your couch or running around in your living room, you should keep your flowers or plants in a different place. Sure, they look more lovely when displayed on the coffee table, but if you already know your puppy might knock them over, find a better spot or area to display the plants. Shift some books on the bookshelf to create some space, or add some colors to your kitchen counter by placing a bouquet there. Learn how to make terrariums which are basically plants kept in closed glass containers. These can be kept anywhere without your dog’s intervention!

Pick Pet-Friendly Plants

Do take note that there are some plants and flowers that are poisonous for pets, thus it is best to keeps those plants out of your home. Some beautiful flowers that are pet friendly includes roses, Phalaenopsis, orchids or Gerbera Daisies. These beautiful blossoms comes in various colors which gives you many options to decorate your homes. It’s good to be aware of the pet-friendly plants and symptoms of poisoning in case of an accident. We at Floral Garage SG have Orchids, Gerbera Daisies, Roses etc.

Easy tricks to keep pets away from your plants- Look to Your Kitchen

You’re probably sick of seeing teeth marks in the plants. And your plants are probably not exactly too happy about being your cat’s snack. Thus, it’s time to take action to keep the greenery indoors. Some of the actions you can take is to sprinkle some cayenne pepper in your plants, according to Gardening Know-how. Why is that so? It’s because cats hate the smell and it doesn’t harm your plants. However, don’t go too crazy with the pepper spice because you wouldn’t want everyone in your home to start sneezing. If you prefer something that smells more pleasant, you can place some lemon and orange peels inside the plant pot. Cats are not a fan of those scent from the citrus. But you have to change those peels regularly.

With all these techniques, your gorgeous flowers and faithful friends can co-exist under the same roof, without having you to go home with spilled vases and half-eaten plants. With some planning, patience and creativity, furry friends will be less attracted to your blossoms and you can continue to decorate your house with beautiful flower arrangements and greeneries.

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