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Mother’s Day 2024: 7 Simple yet Creative Home Decor Ideas to Delight Your Mom

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Mother’s Day is more than simply a day—it’s an opportunity to express our love and gratitude for the incredible mothers in our lives. Mother’s Day celebrations can be enhanced by home decor. It’s a method to make your mother’s sense of style come through in a cozy and inviting setting. The Significance of Mother’s Day […]

Benefits of Having Flowers at Home

Benefits of Having Flowers at Home There is a huge majority of people that love flowers in whatever shape, size, type, and color. In addition to being beautiful and a way of sending a non-verbal message to your dear ones, flowers also have amazing benefits for a person’s health. Customers of Primero—an online furniture shop […]

Easy tricks to keep pets away from plants

Easy tricks to keep Pets away from plants- Why is it important to keep pets away from plants? First of all, to all pet owners and lovers out there, you shouldn’t have to face the situation where you have to choose between a bouquet of fresh flowers and your beloved pet dog at home. However, […]

6 reasons to keep a plant in your room

Let’s all admit it, those cute little potted succulents we see at the grocery stores, florist shops or even IKEA definitely attracts attention. At the end of the summer, I finally gave in to the temptation and got for myself a couple of indoor plants that looked aesthetically pleasing. I must say those small succulents […]

What is a terrarium and making one yourself :)

WHAT ARE TERRARIUMS? Have you come across the word terrarium yet has no idea what it is? A terrarium is a variety or single plant grown in either an open or closed glass container. Basically, it is a self sustaining habitat. The closed terrarium is known for being a self sustainable ecosystem. This is because water […]

Moving House / Need to transport bulky items? Here’s how to save money.

My Home Moving Experience I moved house last month.  When I’d moved house in the past, (5-6 years ago), and ~15 years ago, I had engaged the services of a professional moving company. In the past, when we needed moving services, we would either look for a professional house mover on the Yellow Pages, or […]

What To Look For When Buying An Artificial Christmas Tree

As the years go buy, more and more people opt to buying artificial Christmas trees instead of live ones. The reason being, live trees tend to just last for the occasion and in a few months they would wither and die off. It gets troublesome to replace the trees year on year, and having an […]