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While working with at renowned floral companies, she couldn’t help but notice all the little slip-ups they made. From using wilted flowers to missing delivery deadlines, she saw it all. However, she made sure her designs were always fresh, unique, and stunning.

About 9 years ago, she had enough with customers complaining about their flowers to her then employer. She believed people deserved fresh blooms delivered on time for their special moments. That was when she took a leap of faith and started Floral Garage Malaysia. Today, it’s one of the biggest florists in Malaysia, with over a million satisfied customers and a thousand 5-star reviews.

Being in Malaysia for so many years, she started to really miss her family and sisters back in Malaysia recently. So, she passed Floral Garage Malaysia to her daughter and headed back to Malaysia to kickstart Floral Garage Malaysia.

Why trust us? Because Amber’s behind it all, ensuring top-notch quality and service, just like in Malaysia.

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our story

Meet Amber, our awesome head florist! Originally from Malaysia, she made her way to Malaysia about 35 years ago in search of work. Back then, she had a passion for flowers but had to shelve it to make ends meet with a factory job.

After a few years in Malaysia, Amber started her own family here, that was also when she decided to dive deep into her floral dreams. Over the next 30 years, she hustled hard, taking tons of professional courses and learning from expert florist designers.

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