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Today, i’ll be providing an update on Springside, the beautiful stray we found and saved. For those of you who are hearing this for the first time, you can click here for the previous and first ever post about him.

The last time I wrote about him, we found him, fed him, and arranged for him to be brought to Animal Lovers League, a shelter we love very much, and also the shelter we adopted our beloved Elliot from.

Initially, I was not able to visit him until the following week due to my schedule. However, because he had to be admitted to the animal hospital, I was able to visit him almost everyday until he was discharged.

My First Visit to Springside at Animal Lovers League

The first time I visited him was when he returned to the shelter after his first visit to the vet. Because he was not urinating, they had to insert a catheter into his penis. It looked really painful but it did help in draining out his urine. I was told that he had a high count of white blood cells, which usually suggests that he is suffering from an infection. The vet also told the caretakers from the shelter that he is having some kidney/bladder stones which would require surgery.

Here are some pictures of my first visit to him at the shelter:


He requires the help of a catheter to drain his pee.
He requires the help of a catheter to drain his pee.
He looks really depressed. Probably because he was abandoned..
He looks really depressed. Probably because he was abandoned..

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He wasn't eating or drinking but he finished a whole bowl of food when I fed him by hand.
He wasn’t eating or drinking but he finished a whole bowl of food when I fed him by hand.

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My Subsequent Visits to Springside at the Vet

A few days later, his catheter came off. The caretakers from the shelter also reported to the vet that he has not been passing motion. The vet could not diagnose him anything with regards to his inability to pass motion. All she could think of was that he was probably in a lot of pain and therefore decided to ‘keep it in’.

In my first post, do you remember that I said Springside was walking with a limp when we found him? The vet analysed him further and concluded that there was nothing wrong with his legs. As a matter of fact, he was walking in such an uncomfortable manner because his testicles were twisted. They performed a surgery on him to remove them. Can you imagine the kind of pain he was enduring during his time on the streets?

I visited him almost everyday when he was at the vet. I was able to do so because they had flexible visitation hours, whereas if he were to be at the shelter, I would not be able to enter after 7:00 p.m.

Here are some images from my visits to him at the vet:

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Back to the Shelter & A Crowd Funding Campaign

Now, Springside has been discharged and he is back at the shelter. I will be visiting him tomorrow (12 September 2015). At the same time, I would like to gather photos and stories of the other resident dogs of the Animal Lovers League.

The other dogs in the shelter have stories and beginnings that are far more heart touching and depressing than Springside’s. Most have been abused, traumatised, and abandoned in the most cruel ways possible. The reason why I am starting a campaign with Springside is because I have developed a bond with him and I cannot bear to let him suffer silently. My only obstacles are money and time.

Therefore, I have started a crowd funding campaign over here: Please Help Us Raise Funds for this Rescued Stray (click link to view).

The health complications of Springside are not as severe as the other dogs in the shelter, and his fees are already above 2,000 SGD. Images of the test results and receipts are below. Can you imagine how much the shelter has to pay for? They have about 700 dogs and cats, and most of them require frequent medical attention.


Please Help, A Share Would Do

I urge all of you dog lovers to support me in the raising of funds for Springside. Because the shelter has so many dogs to save, they are constantly in huge debt and making ends meet at the end of each month would be more of a miracle than a reality.

I’ll be writing another post about Animal Lovers League tomorrow. All shelters are amazing as they have the common goal to help rescue street dogs. But the story of Animal Lovers League simply blew me away.

If you are unable to donate, please help to share this article! An effortless share could go a long way in helping our best friends 🙂

If this crowd funding campaign can gather more funds than expected, more dogs can be helped, and the debt owed to the vet can also be reduced.

I will be providing proof to show that every single cent goes to the dogs. Whatever profits (if possible) will be reinvested to giving more dogs a better tomorrow.

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