CNY- Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid Wrapped In Red (random choose Orchid colour)


Note: An Orchid Phalaenopsis may be replaced with a suitable alternative, similar in style and value, based on availability.
Success Tips:
– Place the orchid in a bright spot with indirect sunlight, avoiding direct sun exposure.
– Avoid locations with sudden drafts from heating or air conditioning vents, as well as frequent opening and closing of windows or doors (Phalaenopsis is sensitive to abrupt temperature changes).
– Ensure good air circulation around the plant.
– Water the orchid individually when the growing medium dries out.
Post-Bloom Care:
– You can leave the flower spike as is, trim it back to a node, or remove it entirely.
– Removing the spike directs the plant’s energy towards root development and increases the chances of new bloom spikes.
– To induce blooming, expose the phalaenopsis to slightly lower night temperatures (around 18°C) or hang it on a tree.
– Ensure the location receives bright indirect sunlight during the day.
– Once a bloom spike appears, return the phalaenopsis to its usual setting.
– Feed the phalaenopsis with liquid fertilizer on a weekly basis.
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