What is a terrarium and making one yourself :)


Have you come across the word terrarium yet has no idea what it is?
A terrarium is a variety or single plant grown in either an open or closed glass container. Basically, it is a self sustaining habitat.

The closed terrarium is known for being a self sustainable ecosystem. This is because water in the terrarium is constantly  recycled. The moisture in the air condenses, returns to the soil and is absorbed by the roots. That being said, what plants do we put inside the terrariums?

It depends on the type of container you have chosen, if it is an open jar it is suitable to grow succulents and cacti while a closed jar is suitable for humidity-loving plant.

Have you chosen the type of vessel and plants you will be using?

WHAT is next?

Next up is to prepare the other items needed. In general the things needed are similar except the addition of activated charcoals to closed terrariums as they help to remove toxins and odors which is prevalent in closed terrariums as compared to the open terrariums. All terrarium need gravels, decorative pebbles/accessories, water spray and gardening tools (for the small area that your hands might not be able to reach).

Lastly, is making them yourself! The steps are explained in the infographics below,



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