#1 Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery in Malaysia: Important Points to Consider to Avoid Disappointing your Date

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Valentine’s Day 2022 is around the corner and as the day is associated with romantic love which is expressed by presenting flowers, pick the right kind of flowers for your Valentine. Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery Malaysia is done by many florists in SG. Quintessential flowers make the day extra special so make sure you pick the right Valentine’s flowers.Pay attention and be picky when it comes to choosing the valentine florist. After-all the flowers are meant for your loved one. Do not wait until the last minute and end up convincing yourself of some flowers which are not your first choice.  But choosing the right florist from the lot is all it takes to get the bouquets delivered on time on Valentine’s Day 2022. Consider the following key points before you proceed any further in choosing the right florist.

Be Picky With Your Florist

Get assistance from the florists in advance, go through their site. If they have a decent number of posts and user reviews, then they probably must have good valentine flowers. Make sure you read their user reviews and visit a lot of florist forums before you choose. Do not be fooled by fake reviews written by the florists themselves! Never ever compromise when it comes to the flowers and the way you want them to be arranged in a bouquet.One tip here not to compromise is also to look for the variety of valentine’s floral bouquets they offer. Though Valentine’s Day obsession is all about the Red Rose Bouquet, make sure you check in other products like Wild Flower Bouquets and Dried Flower Bouquets as well.Choose the valentine bouquets whose photos resemble the ACTUAL products. These products would have photos in their natural lighting and environment without much photoshop filters and effects.Do not order flowers in the last minute as you might end up compromising on many things. Start the florist research well in advance and get the best out of them. Once you have chosen your florist, get some suggestions from them by explaining how and what kind of a flower bouquet or floral arrangement you are looking for.Summary:1. There is no perfect florist; but the larger the number of near-perfect reviews, the more reliable it is. If you find a perfect valentine florist, you can be sure that it is shady.2. Make sure the reviews are genuine. Many valentine florists input their OWN reviews on the website. Make sure the reviews are verified by reputable third-party providers such as Google Reviews.3. Look for reviews that contain photos to ascertain the valentine florist’s actual standard. Many florists put up doctored and photoshopped pictures to get sales, but the actual flower product is very disappointing.4. Following from 3, look for florists with photos that have fewer filtering and photoshop effects.

Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery Malaysia – Delivery Details

Yes, the florist’s delivery details are very important. You do not want to waste your time and select products and later realize that they don’t deliver somewhere you need them to. It is also important to choose florists who deliver Valentine’s Flower Bouquets Island-Wide.The reviews surely convey whether or not the florists are punctual. Why go for someone who doesn’t do a proper flower delivery?Summary:1. Ask in advance that the florist delivers to your location.2. Look for punctuality in the reviews. Again, to avoid disappointment, ensure the reviews are GENUINE.

Instead of Delivery, Collect the Flowers Yourself

Be wary of Valentine florists advertising FREE DELIVERY. Delivery costs on special occasions always increase and it is impossible to offer genuine free deliveries. Do not be duped. These delivery costs are already factored into the price.On a more serious and consequential note, these florists are likely to use unreliable valentine’s day delivery services in a bid to factor as little as possible the delivery costs into the price to maintain their competitive edge. But this would likely mean a disappointing delivery experience that would involve delays and impatience, especially with the delivery service rushing the deliveries to earn more meagre money.We all want the best for our Valentine on this special Valentine’s day.If you decide to collect the valentine flowers yourself, it would not be worth going to those shady florists that advertise free delivery as you would be paying for delivery costs that you do not deserve to foot.The advantages of self collection are many. You get to ensure the flower quality is the best for your valentine’s. By giving the flowers yourself, it is an added gesture of sincerity. You even save the high costs of delivery by getting the valentine flowers at an affordable price!One affordable valentine flower bouquet is sold here containing a rose, cotton flower and hydrangea. It is only $30 (factoring early-bird discount at the time of this article) if you collect yourself!If you want an even cheaper option as a simple gesture, there is an even cheaper one at $19. It is a single stalk of valentine roseSummary:1.Collect your Valentine’s Flowers this 2022 where possible to enjoy the many advantages!2. Do not be duped by dishonest florists advertising FREE DELIVERY during the peak valentine season when delivery costs shoot up exponentially. These florists are likely to have unreliable flower delivery services on valentine’s day.

Valentine Flower Availability

Check the availability of the seasonal flowers and other Valentine Flowers once you are sure that they deliver to your location. Make three options in the early stage of decision making and not one so that if one is unavailable or not to your expectation when you are finally going to order, you can opt for the other. As you start off early, you will have better options and a wide variety of Limited Stock Optioned Bouquets to choose from as well. You can view the best-selling bouquet from the reviews.Summary:1. Choose 3 options before you make the final decision to order.2. Start the decision-making process EARLY.

Early Bird Discounts

It is Valentine’s season so almost all the florists would give discount for their customers who book in advance. So, make sure you book the bouquet in advance. As mentioned earlier, early birds not only get discounts but other benefits like choosing those limited products Blue Roses Bouquets and Bright Summer Sunflower kind of Bouquets.Florists tend to be busy on Valentine’s Day so go ahead and book sooner so that you do not give a chance to the florists to go wrong in delayed-delivery. There is certainly nothing wrong in getting things double-checked so go ahead and contact them about your order and specify the details verbally as well.Summary:1. The earlier you book, the less chances of delay and order rejection, and the better the discount would be.

Think Outside the Box

A Classic Bouquet of fresh red rose is a guaranteed way to express love to your loved one if your relationship has been going on for some reasonable amount of time. On your first date dinner, present some Warm Fresh Freestyle Bouquet that will melt your loved one’s heart. But try to be trendier and think out of the box. It works on both girlfriend/boyfriend. Just be careful on your choice of flowers and the colours, and also the meaning of the flowers.Get flowers that do not get easily dried up in the hot and humid Malaysia weather. The Roses in a Box is an excellent alternative to the usual Red Rose Bouquet.Summary:1. Go for different special and unique bouquets from Valentine’s day to Valentine’s day.2. Consult the Valentine’s day florists if you are unsure to get their recommendations. They have a wealth of flower knowledge and experience!

Get Trendier

There are Feminine Bouquets, Masculine Bouquets and a Premium Freestyle Bouquet that is suited for all Genders. However, there are other options that looks great and not odd irrespective of age and gender. Like our Vegetable Bouquet, Fruit Bouquet or Rocher themed-Floral Bouquet.  It is not a rule to always go in for a Red Rose Bouquet your female partner just because everyone gets that. Colors of the Wind is also an great option.

Partner’s Taste Matters

While you are giving a bouquet it is important to know the flower allergies of your partner. So, be mindful of what you buy and whether or not the receiver will enjoy it. Say Remy, the Classic French Touch  and the Mini Pink Roses Bouquet are excellent choices if you are not aware of your partners allergies. These flowers are naturally mild scented and the pastel pink color is surely to die for.Summary:1. Know your partner. If you do not know her that well, go for something safe – preserved flowers usually do not go wrong.

A Token of Love in the Free Card

As a small token of love, you can add in a cute, cool or funny greeting card or a small card to your Flower Bouquet which says “How you feel”. Be sincere in expressing your words as they bring about your true and inmost feeling about them.Most florists include a free card with your valentine bouquet.

Final advice to ensure a successful Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery

Do not hesitate to seek advice and any clarifications directly from the Valentine florist. If you have any questions regarding this article or about any flower delivery service, simply whatsapp +60 11-5425 8871 or email hello@floralgaragemy.com looking for Walter!

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