How to craft the perfect Valentine Message?

Valentine Message for your Loved Ones

Writing a Valentine Message to your super special partner may seem to be a difficult task. To pen down all the important and memorable moments is a tedious job and doing it over the night might seem even more difficult. What if you miss out a very special moment while writing the message for your special valentine?

So, let us see how simple it is to write a valentine Message for your partner or your special someone.

For your Child:

You can gift a flower bouquet with some chocolates like a Rocher bouquet or a I love you Bear Soft Toy. And do write a note stating how much you love your child. As sweet treats always help us to remember and cherish the best moments that we share with them.

A message which simply states “Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart! Wishing you a fantastic V-Day we love you loads and loads. Hope your valentine’s Day gets extra sweet as you grow” Do include a lot of hearts and smileys in the card. Fun balloons can also be blown and hung around the house or your kids rooms.

You can leave the card along with a flower bouquet with some chocolates and soft-toys in front of their door so that when they open, they will be happier. It will be more of a ‘fun’tastic Valentine’s Day this way.

For your Friends: Why should lovers have all the fun?

For friends you can opt for a Freestyle Bouquet as it suits male and female friends without conveying anything irksome. Or you could even opt for the Fresh Fruit Bouquet.

A message for a friend can start off with more positive statements and later can trail off with more funnier content. Remember it is a special day so do not hurt them with your message. If you you’re your friend is short-tempered or otherwise then it is best to get them a bouquet and a card which simply says “I love You” in it or add the positive comments alone.

You can include how much you love them and what it is to have a friend like them. How you feel about them and how lucky you are to have them. You can very well include when, where and how you guys first met and share a few comic incidents that took place. But remember, these cards are to treasure so write things that seems real fun and not hurting!

You can finish it off with something more funnier or memorable. So that it lasts forever as a token of friendship!

For your Parents:

Moms get slightly sentimental than dads. So, while writing such cards be more creative and pen down the important incidents to both of them. You can either use the same card and address it as Parents or write them separately.

Addressing together induces a feeling of unitedness and it seems more like a family. So, the message can contain how much luckier you are to have them as your parents and how hard it would have been to tackle a certain problem (mention if you have any) without them. Do include how much they mean to you and mention a funnier or a most memorable incident that you guys have shared as you grew.

This way they are going to feel happy and lucky to have you. You can also surprise them with a fruit basket or a Delightful Vegetable Bouquet.

For your Siblings:

Accompany a card with a I love you soft toy or a Rocher bouquet. Let the card say how much you will be bored without them and how lucky you are to have them. If you want to heat up then include how lucky they are to have you as their sibling.

The best suitable bouquet for siblings excluding from the ones mentioned above is our Envelope Box, it’s fun and special!

For your Wife:

Writing a card when you are newly married is harder than ever. Remember you should be careful as you do not want your wife to feel bad or get hurt. So, it is always best to gift her a red rose bouquet and jot down how lucky you are to have her as your better-half. Share something romantic and nothing funny. Tell her how beautiful and gorgeous she looks.

You can also include a cozy Heart Shaped Soft Toy for her to use it on the couch.

If you are married for years, then make it special by saying how hard it was to find her and how difficult it was for you when she was in away from you and how it was to have her finally back. Do mention those special moments and how you feel when she cooks your specialties just for you. This will make her fall in love with you once again. Do not forget to insert the card in a bouquet like Awesome Sixsome or a Juliana Hand Bouquet .

For your Husband:

It is harder to write a series of messages in a card irrespective of the age and gender when they are newly married. The best bouquet choices for men are either a Hearty Hand Bouquet which includes cotton and fillers in them or a bouquet of Organic and Wild Flowers.

The message in the card could include how responsible he is (as men like such compliments) and how adjusting and well-mannered he is. Also include an incident where he behaved so well that you felt so proud and over whelmed by his act/behavior. You can also include some romantic moments that you guys shared when you were just dating. How hard it was to manage the children and household when he went on for a business trip. Give some extra credits and say how handsome he is despite of all the aging and stresses.

You can as well place this card on a bouquet and leave it at the bed side of his and he will be more than happy to read this message. Starting a day fresh with lovely messages and fresh flowers are so wonderful just like a freshly brewed cup of coffee.


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