Our Role in this Amazing Love Story (CSS of the Week #5)

Our Role in this Amazing Love Story

Deliveries are always prone to being a source of unexpected problems. When our delivery team receives an uncommon delivery request, they always maintain an opened mind. However, the fact of the matter is that stress begins to develop within. We encountered a tricky situation during one of the deliveries this week. Although this always requires more effort from our team, the sense of fulfilment to know that we were part of a happy beginning is simply priceless!


The Secret Admirer

We received an order from Marcel (not his real name), who had feelings for a lady and these feelings had yet to be made known. He wanted to send a bouquet of flowers to her home while leaving a very subtle messaged attached to the bouquet. We spent a long time during Michael’s pre-order process as he wanted to ensure that this lady received nothing but the best.


The Request

Apart from delivering the bouquet to her home, he also wanted us to escort the lady of his dreams to the void deck of the flat so that she could see a surprise he had planned for her.


The Problem

He finally decided on what he wanted and payment had been made. We could tell that despite wanting the best, he was on a very tight budget and we tried our best to provide him the greatest value.

On the day of the delivery, our delivery team did as planned. However, they realised that the recipient’s address that he provided was incorrect. Upon calling Michael, he sounded really stressed as he did not know what to do. He was also very reluctant to pay for the redelivery fee of 15 SGD.


Solving the Problem

Our delivery personnel decided to approach the neighbouring unit by ringing their door bell. It was through this that we learnt that the recipient had already shifted out. Thankfully, her neighbour still had her mobile number.

We gave her a call informing her of this delivery and she agreed to receive the bouquet. The buyer paid for the redelivery, and the plan was carried out as per normal at the new location.


A Pleasant Surprise!

We carried on with the arranged plan at the new location. The recipient was really puzzled and she tried to figure out who the sender was. Our delivery personnel mentioned to her that the buyer/sender’s identity will be kept anonymous due to his request. He then invited her to go down to her void deck for a surprise! Feeling sceptical, she asked her brother along with her.

The delivery personnel brought the siblings to the secret admirer (Michael) and she hugged him at first sight. It seems to us that she had been expecting this for some time!


Everything Happens For A Reason

The reason to why our delivery personnel was allowed so much time on this delivery is because this was the last job of the day. We believe that everything happens for a reason and fate probably allowed us to meet so that we could efficiently fulfil this delivery request. Although our staff had to go home a little later, it is amazing feeling to play a small part of something so beautiful!


We wish these two love birds all the best 🙂

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