Flowers for Birthdays, and its Meanings

Traditionally, people tend to place more emphasis on their 18th, 21st, or 50th birthday, as these numbers represent significant milestones in one’s life. However, regardless of age and year, planning for, and the birthday celebration itself, is always a joyous time for all involved.

The Ideal Birthday Gift

What ideas for a birthday gift can be considered as ideal? What sort of gift would work well with the element of surprise? For men, the answer would probably be something practical, something they can actually use. It could be a gadget, a necktie, or maybe, a video game. However, flowers seem to be the safest gift when a lady is concerned. A bouquet could be presented to her as a gift by itself, or it could even be given to complement an existing present such as a wallet or a handbag. Whatever it is, it is a known fact that a lovely bouquet of flowers would make a fantastic gift for ladies!

There are no strict restrictions on the kind of flowers you can give to the recipient on his or her birthday. The most obvious answer would be to choose this persons favourite flower. If you do not know the favourite flower of this person, there are some other methods that could help you make a quick decision.

Flowers and its Meanings

Every flower carries a meaning. When it comes to choosing flowers to customise a bouquet for the birthday girl, you could use specific flowers of different meanings to represent what you would like to express to her. In the process of shortlisting the flowers to craft your desired bouquet, do also make it a point to ensure that the different colours used have a good relationship with each other. Selecting a suitable colour theme is important for any bouquet! For example, if you wanted to tell the birthday girl that you value your friendship that you have with her, perhaps you could get her a bouquet of Yellow Roses, with some Apricot Alstroemeria and assorted greens as fillers. Here is a table of some common flowers and fillers, with their meanings:

ImageName of FlowerWhat Does it Sympolise?
AlstroemeriaAlstroemeriaWealth, Prosperity, Fortune, and Friendship
amaryllisAmaryllisBeyond Beauty
AnthuriumAnthuriumHospitality, Happiness, and Abunda
AsterAsterPatience, Elegance, and Daintiness
Calla LilyCalla LilyMagnificence, Beauty, Purity, Innocence
CarnationCarnationRed (Love, Pride, Admiration)Pink (Love of a Mother)Purple (Capriciousness)Yellow (Disappointment)

White (Innocence, Pure Love)

ChrysanthemumChrysanthemumFidelity, Optimism, Joy, and Longevity
FreesiaFreesiaInnocence and Thoughtfulness
HydrangeaHydrangeaHeartfelt Emotions, Gratitude for Being Understood
IrisIrisPurple (Wisdom and Compliments)Blue (Faith and Hope)Yellow (Passion)White (Purity)

White (Humility and Innocence)

Purple (First Love)

LilyLilyWhite (Modesty and Virginity)Orange (Passion)Yellow (Gaiety)
OrchidOrchidRefinement, Thoughtfulness, Mature Charm
PeonyPeonyBashfulness, Compassion, Indignation, Happy Marriage, Good Health, Prosperity, Happy Life
ProteaProteaChange and Transpormation
RoseRoseRed (Deep Love)Pink (Joy and Gratitude)White (Purity, Chastity, Innocence)Lavender (Love at First Sight)

Yellow (Friendship, Platonic Relationship, Care)

SnapdragonSnapdragonGraciousness and Strength
StaticeStaticeRemembrance, Sympathy and Success
SunflowerSunflowerAdoration and Dedication
TulipTulipPerfect Love and Fame

Final Words

Now that you are equipped with this knowledge, we hope that your flower selection process for your next bouquet would be much easier! Do not forget to attach a written birthday card together with your bouquet! Perhaps you could even include the rationale to why you chose the selected flowers!

Thank you so much for reading!

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