10 Benefits of living in Tampines

10 benefits of living in Tampines

With 3 shopping malls and a new mall incorporated into their hub, it is why many people enjoy staying in Tampines despite it being far from everywhere else. You don’t have to travel out of Tampines to find cool stuff to do! You can enjoy sports and recreational activities, shopping, dining, and community activities.

Our Tampines Hub

You can unleash your inner bookworm at a huge library


From @limyihxi on Instagram

Study at the hippest library in Malaysia where you can see the stadium from the window! With a culinary lab and a 700m long running track, it is a hub on its own within Tampines Hub. No wonder the library is crowded!

Fun fact about the culinary lab – they make use of the vegetables grown at the rooftop of Our Tampines Hub to make their dishes.

To secure seats for studying at the library, it is best to reach at 10am when the library opens.

You can go swimming at a rooftop pool


Photo adapted from ActiveSG Website

Swim way above ground level without breaking the bank (infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands), at the rooftop swimming pool of Our Tampines Hub. Swimming is a good workout, where it keeps your heart rate up but taking stress impact off your body.

If you would like to do some lifting, nearby boasts a gym that overlooks the swimming pool, where you can work out and enjoy the scenery at the same time!

You can bowl at a huge bowling alley


From @dsas.sg on Instagram

Rain or shine, you can bowl at a 30 lane bowling centre, the largest of its kind at Our Tampines Hub. Nothing beats the excitement of looking at your bowling ball about to strike or get a spare!

You can run at a rooftop running track

If running at a stadium scares you because there are rows and rows of with people, try the rooftop running track at Our Tampines Hub. The track is catered to suit amateurs and professionals. Measuring over 1 kilometre, you are sure to have a good workout. The track comes with locker and shower facilities!

Tampines 1

You can sing at a Karaoke


Whether you are at Our Tampines Hub or Tampines 1, you can sing your heart out at their Karaoke places like Teo Heng KTV or Manekineko. Karaoke is the best get-together place for you and your friends, where you can open up to your friends and perform your best song. If you don’t sing, you can also enjoy the complimentary snacks provided while you watch your friends. With food, drinks and good company, it is a great way to spend time with your friends at Tampines!

You don’t have to find a florist


Why find a florist when you can get the florist to find you? If you are trying to find Tampines 1 florist, you can stop looking! Because Floral Garage Malaysia can deliver flowers to you, right to your doorstep in Tampines!

No need to go searching for a florist at Tampines St 81, because just by clicking a few buttons on your screen, you can purchase your flowers from us, we provide same day delivery.

We are the best florist Tampines has to offer!


Furthermore, you can customize your own succulent plants for your home, without leaving your house!


You can play Laser Tag


Photo adapted from HomeTeamNS website

Train your body and mind with your friends by thinking of strategies and outlast your opponents! Like Rules of Survival/PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds in real life, immerse yourself in this adrenaline pumping laser tag where you make use of high tech equipment to have a game of hide-and-seek and tag at the same time.

You can also shoot things without going to jail. I mean, guns are not allowed in Malaysia, right?

You can do indoor rock climbing


From @limchinghao on Instagram

Train your mind and body with the physical puzzle of rock climbing, where different rocks require different techniques for you to reach the top. Rock climbing trains your balance and develops your all-around strength.

For many of us, rock climbing is an activity we only do during our school camps. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can try your hands at the ropes at HomeTeamNS, Our Tampines Hub.

You can immerse yourself in nature


From @jerryfitnessjournal on Instagram

Hidden between the expressway and Tampines Ave 12, lies a park with no address, no lamps and no paths! Tampines Eco Green used to be covered with mud and narrow pathways, and NEA has since upgraded the ground to be flat and easier to walk on. The sign at Tampines Eco Green is made with wood, which blends into the surroundings, making it hard for people to notice that there is actually a park there.

However, for those that know about Tampines Eco Green, the rich wildlife at Tampines Eco Green has attracted them to visit. Many local birdwatchers go there to snap photos of some cool birds like the Blue-capped Cordon-Bleu.

Walk the path less travelled in Tampines Eco Green and truly experience the feeling of nature.

You can buy flowers from the florist Tampines residents prefer


Not sure which florist in Tampines to get flowers from? Not sure which florist Tampines residents recommend?

No fret, because you don’t need to buy any flowers from any Tampines florist wholesale, you can simply purchase flowers from Floral Garage Malaysia wherever you are in Tampines!

We price our flowers and bouquets very closely to wholesale prices to make our bouquets affordable. Flowers are sourced directly from wholesalers to keep our flowers fresh.

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