Our First Floral Arrangement Workshop with the Disabled


Floral arrangement can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity. For most, the act of arranging flowers is artistically challenging; while for others, especially the disabled, it can be physically demanding. As part of our initiative to give back to society in ways we do best, we reached out to the Disabled People’s Association (DPA) to arrange a floral arrangement workshop for their members on 19 October 2018.

Seeing our florist, Grace, carry a large cardboard box full of flower bundles into the room instantly piqued the interest of all the participants. After a quick round of introductions, the workshop began with Grace introducing the various types of flowers she had brought that day – roses, sunflowers, eucalyptus, song of India, purple statice and cordyline leaves. Coloured papers in red and green were handed out, along with clear plastic sheets to form the base of the arrangement.

DPA’s kind volunteers helped to soak the flower foams in water as Grace set the tone and direction for the workshop. “All flower arrangements are unique. You don’t have to follow a certain style, but go ahead and arrange them however you like. The purpose today is to create something that you are proud of.” Hearing her say this seemed to take some pressure off the participants and encouraged them to enjoy the learning process.


As the different types of flowers were distributed, Grace would encourage the participants to pay notice to their characteristics – colours, shapes, texture and even smells (especially for the eucalyptus leaves!). Participants were patiently led through each step of wrapping of the foam base, stem cutting, leaf manipulation, flower insertion, and of course, the art of arranging flowers such that they stand out and complement each other at the same time. Some participants had a harder time performing some of the steps, but DPA’s helpful volunteers were always quick to lend a hand.


Jokes and laughter between the cheery participants kept the atmosphere light-hearted as the workshop progressed. We could see their intricacy and concentration in each action they made, showing the pride and joy they took in creating their unique arrangements. Some were excited to bring their floral arrangements back to decorate their homes, while a few others were going to gift it as a sweet surprise to their spouses. As the workshop wrapped up, Grace shared some useful tips on caring for the flowers to extend their lifespan. A few even shared some problems they faced with their potted plants, and Grace tapped on her knowledge to provide advice on what they should do.

We ended the session by taking a photo of everyone with their creations to remember this meaningful event. Hearing positive and appreciative comments from the participants really touched our hearts. Seeing the participants pick up a new skill through a small activity such as this brought a strong sense of fulfilment! We send our thanks to DPA for agreeing to this collaboration.


Future Opportunities for Collaboration
We welcome anyone who wants to collaborate and give back to society.

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