Some say our service is wonderful. Some say our bouquets are the cheapest and best in Malaysia. Some question us how that is possible. Through all we’ve met, they’ve all had questions! We’ve collated a list of the frequently asked questions below!




What is Floral Garage Malaysia?

Floral Garage Malaysia is a team of passionate floral hobbyist turned professional florists. We operate via our online store: www.FloralGarageMY.com.

How big is the team at Floral Garage Malaysia?

We have a small team of less than 10 members. We engage trusted part-timers to perform ad-hoc duties such as deliveries. However, flower bouquets and arrangements are strictly designed by our skilled full-time florists.


Why does Floral Garage Malaysia seem so unconventional, unlike the other mainstream florists companies in the industry?

We believe we have a very different mission and vision as compared to the other florists in this industry. It is rooted deep in our heart and minds that no individual should ever be deprived of being able to show love, care, appreciation, or gratitude, to another through the use of flowers. It is our mission to always be able to provide the public with the cheapest bouquets and cheapest flower arrangements.

Through this effort we hope to encourage individuals to willingly show actions of good intention and not be deterred by cost. We also do hope to emphasise that it is not the price of the gift that determines its value, but thought, effort, and intention, are the elements that actually matter more.

Why are our prices so low? Is it because we use substandard flowers and materials?

Well, it’s simple. Our low overheads, efficient automated processes, and our desire to help all our customers make it possible.



Do you do same-day delivery?

Most florists will require you to place your order at least one day in advance. However, we understand that sometimes urgent orders are unavoidable. So, we have made same-day deliveries available to you!


Products & Services

How can customers trust the accuracy and quality of our products?

We have enabled the ‘Reviews’ function in Facebook since the start of July 2015. These reviews are made by real people that you can trust. Also, the reviews that you see on the homepage of our website were either texted or e-mailed to us. We are confident in promising that the delivered product will be as close to the product images online. The only reason why we cannot give a 100% assurance is because some fillers are seasonal, and we might have to use close matching fillers as substitutes. Nonetheless, rest assured that your bouquet will still be beautiful.

So you were browsing online and you saw a bouquet or arrangement that you really love a lot, but it is too expensive. What can you do?

Simple! Drop us an e-mail or a whatsapp with the image and we will tell you if it can be completed by your given date and within your budget. We always love a challenge, and we will never accept any order that we are not 100% confident of fulfilling.



Is it safe to order online from us? What payment methods do we accept?

Of course it is! There is a reason to why we chose Stripe and Paypal as our Online Payment Systems. We have been using these systems for a long time and our customers have encountered no issues.

If you do not have a Card or Paypal, you can always pay by Bank Transfer, Paynow and other offline methods. Do contact us at 9387 8871 for more information!

We do not store any customer’s credit or debit card information. These information go straight to Stripe and Paypal, both very well-established online payment processing companies in the industry that have a strong fraud prevention system.

They afford you, the buyer, a lot of protection. Stripe will temporarily block your payment to us until a charge dispute is resolved. Paypal’s ‘Buyer Protection Policy’ allows customers to be refunded should anything go wrong with the order. That is how safe it is! Bank transfers are not as safe as transactions through Stripe and Paypal. We still do receive a fair share of payments via bank transfer, and we assure all customers that they can always place their full trust with us.

Through Paypal, you can also pay via debit or credit cards such as American Express, Visa, or MasterCard.


These are our top frequently asked questions! Do also take note to read our Terms and Conditions before placing an order with any special requests, e.g. Specific Time Delivery, Special Delivery Requests, and so on!

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service specialist if any of your questions is not answered here!